Speeding: A Major Cause of Fatal Car Accidents

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Millions of cars are driven on US interstate highways and streets everyday, transporting people from their points of departure to places of destination. Although cars have become the most common means of transportation all across the United States, not all drivers behave the same or observe road traffic safety rules, making roads unsafe for other motorists, pedestrians and road workers.

The more than 40 thousand yearly registered deaths due to car accidents tag reckless driving, failure to wear a seatbelt, speeding, DUI and driver error as their major causes. Despite the daily reminders by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), private road safety groups, and other governmental organizations on strict observance of traffic rules, it seems that only the police and other authorities are aware of the dangers recklessness can result to. Unfortunately, many drivers, to whom the messages are really intended for, don’t seem to care.

Among the various causes of car accidents, speeding claims the third largest number of lives, yet the attention it gets is less than reckless driving and the seatbelt law. Obviously, many people are scared of speeding; it sounds foolish, however, since these same drivers drive over speed limits, themselves.

Running behind schedule (and sometimes even without any reason at all), drivers decide to drive fast, beating red lights and ignoring railroad crossing warnings and school/work zones. It is as if they are sending the horrible message that your safety is less important than their time. This attitude has even alarmed the Associated General Contractors (AGC) and the American Road & Transportation Builders Association (ARTBA) as many of their employees have also fallen prey to speeding drivers.

Speeding, which according to the website of a Westminster personal injury lawyer, is one major determinant as to whether a person will survive a crash or not, claims about 15, 000 victims in the US annually. Surprisingly, the ones usually involved in this traffic offense are young males aged 15 – 20 years old. Young as they are, they cannot claim ignorance of traffic rules, as they are trained on these before earning their driver’s license. Nevertheless, children will often treat their cars as glorified toys rather than the dangerous machines that they actually are.

In the event of an accident, an auto accident lawyer who knows and understands what the law says regarding personal injury will be your best representation and defense both in the court room and in out-of-court settlement with the liable party.

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