Pennsylvania Left Shocked by Horse and Buggy Accident

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Horses and buggies are often viewed as a form of transportation of a bygone era. In most places across the country, these vehicles are less a form of true transportation than a novelty for tourists or special occasions. Nonetheless, in Pennsylvania, horses and buggies are still relatively common in certain areas, due to several Amish communities which reside in the state. These individuals commonly use horses as their primary and only form of transportation, which can be rather startling for other drivers on the road. Although all the rules of the road should remain the same, other drivers may be unsure of how to react to a horse and carriage, and they may not take appropriate safety precautions to avoid accidents. Unfortunately, as car accidents commonly involve any other vehicle on the road, horse and buggy accidents also occur.

U.S. News recently reported on a fatal accident, involving a car and a horse and buggy, that occurred in August of 2017. A car, in Henderson Township, rear-ended the buggy and then proceeded to hit and a parked car and plow into the front of a nearby building. When medical professional arrived on the scene, the buggy’s driver was pronounced dead, and the other passenger in the buggy was rushed to the hospital with critical injuries. Additionally, the driver in the parked car was also taken to the hospital for moderate injuries. No information has been released regarding the driver who caused the accident; however, an investigation will no doubt be soon to follow this tragic event.

Although this accident seems abnormal on the surface, it also indicates a very serious problem that anyone on the road faces. No matter the vehicle you are driving, you are at risk of a serious accident at all times on the road. Even though we do not know the specifics of what caused this accident, it seems possible, if not likely, that the driver was impaired in some way, which caused them to hit three different objects in their path. Perhaps they were distracted by a text, looking at a map, fell asleep at the wheel, or were intoxicated, when this accident occurred. No matter the circumstances, this driver injured two people and killed another, due to their reckless and careless driving.

Car accidents are unfortunately common across the country, whether you are in a car, walking across the road, or driving a horse and buggy. They can have horrifying results that may affect a person and their loved ones for the rest of their lives. The individuals involved in this Pennsylvania accident are not only facing physical damage, but they must also endure emotional pain and financial loss after this accident. Although the emotional damage will only heal with time, these individuals and their family members may begin to handle the financial losses with the help of a personal injury lawyer. Through a skilled lawsuit, they can receive monetary compensation so that this accident does not have a devastating financial effect on their lives.

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How to Recover from Spinal Cord Injuries

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Injuries sustained in vehicle accidents have life-altering potential. Regrettably, spinal cord injuries are common when two cars going at high speeds collide. Right after the mishap, there are surgical procedures and rehabilitation alternatives that will minimize the changes on an existence subsequent to the collision.

A Houston personal injury lawyer would probably have seen how these injuries may include interruptions to the transfer of nerve signals throughout the back, ripping of vertebrae tissue, or broken bones. Injury can result in pain, complete paralysis or incomplete paralysis.

Following the collision and once at the emergency room, physicians can perform traction, surgery, or an experimental therapy. Something that is intruding the area is removed by operations, alleviate pressure on the spinal column, or blend the bones that have been damaged. Traction is nonsurgical; this procedure is applied in situations when the spine has to be strengthened, and has moved from position. Lastly, as a result of a growth in knowledge on spinal-cord injuries, some doctors can offer experimental remedies that are thought to produce gains that are favorable.

Post-operation, there are lots of rehabilitation options which help someone recover. Physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech pathology, studying tactics to manage pain, and diets are a few measurements of rehabilitation. The objective of rehabilitation is for folks to keep ordinary physical features subsequent to the injury. You’ll find groups of men and women prepared to aid whatever area your harm is affecting if it is language, upper extremities, lower extremities, or attitude.

You may be eligible for monetary settlement in case you have sustained any injury in the fault of another.

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Medical Mistakes and Cerebral Palsy

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Each year, around 10,000 babies develop cerebral palsy, and unfortunately, thousands of these cases are a result of medical malpractice. When proper procedure is not followed, it can have permanent results for your child.

Cerebral Palsy is caused by a brain injury that occurs during brain development. It typically develops by the age of three and can have symptoms such as stiff or weak muscles mainly in the arms or legs, tremors, irregular twisting motions, or fragmented motor movements. Affected babies are often slow to learn to roll over, crawl, walk, or smile. Mistakes such as failure to recognize seizures, leaving the baby in the birth canal too long, or failure to treat the mothers changing conditions are medical mistakes that can cause babies to develop cerebral palsy. A few signs that can indicate your baby may be a victim of medical malpractice leading to cerebral palsy include:

  • Your baby required oxygen after birth
  • Your baby required CPR, a brain scan, or special care after birth
  • Your baby had seizures either immediately after birth or within 3-4 days of life

Brachial Plexus palsy is a common birth injury involving weakness arm, shoulder, or hand muscles. Most infants with brachial plexus palsy make a complete recovery, but some continue to suffer from arm weakness and require physical therapy or surgery. A brachial plexus injury can occur naturally, but there are some medically negligent events that can cause this injury during birth. These events include failure to perform an appropriate c-section, excessive stretching or manipulation of the neck or shoulders, or the use of forceps.

Treatment, therapy, and surgery can be draining, so it is important to contact a cerebral palsy lawyer if you believe your child is suffering from cerebral palsy due to medical malpractice.

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The Importance of Labeling

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It seems silly to put a “may contain nuts” disclaimer on a bag of Peanut M&M’s, or a “may contain eggs” label on a carton of eggs, but product liability cases have everything to do with these painfully obvious labels. When the average product liability award is around $1.9 million, manufacturers go to frivolous lengths to protect both themselves and their customers.

Product liability involves two principles. The first is that companies have a duty of care not to put their customers in unforeseen danger. Secondly, companies have to provide an adequate warning of foreseeable danger. Of course, costumers have to act reasonably when using a service or product. According to the website of the product liability lawyers of Spiros Law, P.C., a product may be safe if used for its intended purpose, but it is potentially dangerous if used in another way. This is why products are required to have a clear and concise warning about these dangers.

Not all labels are as laughable as a chainsaw’s warning not to “hold the wrong end.” For example, all drugs approved by the FDA are extensively reviewed so that the label has the correct information about side effects and dosage. In a case before the Supreme Court, a woman claimed that she lost an arm to gangrene because of the drug Phenergan. The drug was used to relieve nausea, but the label only contained risks about using the drug in one certain way. The argument was that the label should have warned about using the drug in other ways if the risk of danger was so high. It is entirely ridiculous for a consumer to have to risk losing an arm just to cure an upset stomach, which is exactly why proper labeling is so important.

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Poorly Designed, Constructed or Installed Boilers and Furnaces, a Possible Cause of an Explosion Accident

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Most Americans are unaware that up to 657 billion cubic meters of natural gas are used in the United States every year. Though hazardous due to its high combustibility, natural gas is a daily home use, a necessity for ovens and gas stoves, clothes dryers, boilers, furnace, air conditioners and many other items.

A natural gas leak that is overlooked and uncorrected can be disastrous for it can result in an explosion which can severely injure or kill anyone, as well as destroy or ruin properties. According to the website of Habush Habush & Rottier S.C., the most common causes of residential gas explosions, include wiring problems, defective appliances, boilers and furnaces. As leaked gas spreads inside a room or a house, the smallest spark from a cigarette, candle, or any electronic gadget is enough to cause an explosion and, as a matter of fact, explosions, especially due to boilers and furnaces, have destroyed many houses, condominiums, apartment complexes, mobile homes and even hotels.

Boilers and furnaces keep many American homes warm during the winter and cold months. Using natural gas, these are able to provide heat in all areas of the home. It has been discovered, however, but only after explosion accidents have already occurred, that many boilers and furnaces have been poorly designed and constructed, installed erroneously or not properly maintained, thus causing the accident. The fault definitely lies on the manufacturer that designed and constructed these boilers and furnaces or on the individual who installed these inside your house.

Regardless of who ought to be blamed, though, explosion victims deserve compensation from the liable party – compensation that will help cover all their financial losses due to the injury they have sustained.

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Speeding: A Major Cause of Fatal Car Accidents

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Millions of cars are driven on US interstate highways and streets everyday, transporting people from their points of departure to places of destination. Although cars have become the most common means of transportation all across the United States, not all drivers behave the same or observe road traffic safety rules, making roads unsafe for other motorists, pedestrians and road workers.

The more than 40 thousand yearly registered deaths due to car accidents tag reckless driving, failure to wear a seatbelt, speeding, DUI and driver error as their major causes. Despite the daily reminders by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), private road safety groups, and other governmental organizations on strict observance of traffic rules, it seems that only the police and other authorities are aware of the dangers recklessness can result to. Unfortunately, many drivers, to whom the messages are really intended for, don’t seem to care.

Among the various causes of car accidents, speeding claims the third largest number of lives, yet the attention it gets is less than reckless driving and the seatbelt law. Obviously, many people are scared of speeding; it sounds foolish, however, since these same drivers drive over speed limits, themselves.

Running behind schedule (and sometimes even without any reason at all), drivers decide to drive fast, beating red lights and ignoring railroad crossing warnings and school/work zones. It is as if they are sending the horrible message that your safety is less important than their time. This attitude has even alarmed the Associated General Contractors (AGC) and the American Road & Transportation Builders Association (ARTBA) as many of their employees have also fallen prey to speeding drivers.

Speeding, which according to the website of a Westminster personal injury lawyer, is one major determinant as to whether a person will survive a crash or not, claims about 15, 000 victims in the US annually. Surprisingly, the ones usually involved in this traffic offense are young males aged 15 – 20 years old. Young as they are, they cannot claim ignorance of traffic rules, as they are trained on these before earning their driver’s license. Nevertheless, children will often treat their cars as glorified toys rather than the dangerous machines that they actually are.

In the event of an accident, an auto accident lawyer who knows and understands what the law says regarding personal injury will be your best representation and defense both in the court room and in out-of-court settlement with the liable party.

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