Defunct Virus Resurfaces in Texas Megachurch

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Unvaccinated members of a Texas megachurch contracted what has once been considered an eradicated disease in the US when a member brought in the virus from overseas.

The Eagle Mountain International Church, a non-denominational church located in Newark, Texas associated with the Kenneth Copeland Ministries, is the site of infection for 21 cases of measles among its congregation. The viral disease is extremely contagious, but decades of vaccination have all but wiped it out of the US. The recent outbreak was due to the fact that many of the members of the megachurch are not vaccinated against the virus. Of the 21 who came down with measles, at least 16 were not vaccinated.

Kenneth Copeland is a televangelist who, aside from spreading the prosperity gospel, preached that a true believer would put his or her trust in God and not in modern medicine. While church officials deny that the ministry is anti-vaccination, church members subscribe to the belief that getting vaccinations is a sign of fear and doubt in God. The senior pastors of the EMIC are the daughter and son in law of Kenneth Copeland, Terri and George Pearsons, who tell their congregation to get vaccinated and in the same breath remind them that if they have faith they will not need it.

It is the opinion of the church’s critics and members alike that the views of EMIC and the Kenneth Copeland Ministries are clear; it is a sign of a weak or absent faith to rely on modern medicine. That this will lead to serious health consequences in the future seems likely.

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